2014 Archives: Dial 612 223-POEM (tel: 1-612-223-7646), press 2.

11: “a quest deeper into the cavern of the city” by Cole Sarar, a poem for East Hennepin and 5th Ave SE, in MInneapolis.

12: an untitled poem by Joe Horton for Cedar Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis.

2013 Archives: Dial 612 223-POEM (tel: 1-612-223-7646) , press 2, press 99 and select the poem you’d like to hear.

11: “the beast” by Cole Sarar, debuted May 2-5, a choose-your-own-adventure poem for the Saint Paul Central Library.

12: “The Minneapolis Poem” by Dobby Gibson, debuted May 6-9, a response to James Wright’s “The Minneapolis Poem”, for Mill City Ruins Park

13: “the next line” by Cole Sarar debuted May 10-12, a poem about the intersection of places and dreams, for 23rd SE and Como.

14: an untitled poem by Lightsey Darst debuted May 13-16, an exploration of the passage of time in place and the things we need, for Lake of the Isles.

15: “It is Cold Here, But It is Also Hot” by Guante debuted May 17-20, a piece about real places in the city, for City View School and Fong Lee.

16: “To All My Relations” by See More Perspective debuted May 21-24, an interactive place about history and perspective, for Mounds Park.

17. “It Begins Here” by Cole Sarar debuted May 24-27, a poem about life and death for Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery.

18. “My Block” by Misty Rowan debuted May 28-31, a small poem about living in and being part of a neighborhood, for 24th and Dupont.

19. “The Schmitt Music Mural” by Sam Cook debuted May 31-June 2, a poem about music, communication, and ghosts, for the Schmitt Music Mural on Marquette Avenue.

21. “The Entry” by John Colburn debuted June 3-June 6, a poem about stars, acceptance, and the 7th Street Entry, for the 7th Street Entry at 29 N. 7th Street.

22.  an untitled poem by Cole Sarar debuted June 7-9, a choose-your-own adventure about identity, risks, rewards, and consequences, for the Saint Paul Union Depot.

23. “Natural Wonder” by Brian Beatty debuted June 10-13, a brief poem for the Ford Factory at 966 S Mississippi River Blvd, nature, time, and humanity.

24. an untitled poem by Kyra Calvert debuted June 14-16, a narrative poem about social graces and racial trespasses for the Wild Onion Bar at 788 Grand Avenue.

25. an untitled poem by Sarah Fox and Fred Schmalz debuted June 17-20, an exploration of physical space with poetry for the NE Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, at (roughly) 21 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN.

26. an untitled poem by Bao Phi debuted June 21-24, a poem for the Franklin Avenue Library at 1314 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN.

27. an untitled poem by Cole Sarar debuted June 25-30, a poem for the Martin Olav Sabo pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha Avenue.

Ring Ring Poetry was an installation which took place from May 2nd through June 28, 2013 and is being reprised in 2014.

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