RING RING POEM TWELVE, Ford Plant, Saint Paul, MN; June 10-13

966 S Mississippi River Blvd, St Paul, MN

Lost Poem BrianBrian Beatty’s poem is short and lovely, and takes place at the old Ford Motor Plant that they’re tearing down starting Monday, June 10. It’s worth trying to go and listen to Brian’s poem wherever you can get near the old Ford Plant while they’re tearing down the plant, because this is a lot of what his beautiful little peace is about: that which is temporary, and will be reclaimed. 

Brian Beatty’s jokes, poems and short stories have appeared in numerous print and online publications. His limited edition humor chapbook DUCK! was published in 2009. He has a poetry chapbook, Earliest Bird Calls, due out from Ravenna Press sometime in 2013. Brian hosts the monthly literary podcast “You Are Hear” and writes the “The Columnest” twice each month for mnartists.org.

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