Blog: WORK FACE. Minneapolis, MN

workfaceThis is my face when I’ve been working on everything for too long. I spent much of this past weekend working on a grant application due tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty good about the application, pretty ready to send it into the ether and hope for the best (the best being: I get the grant and the project goes off without a hitch.) This is also my I’m pretty tired face. I was at Cbot’s band’s show at the Acadia, only being a half-good audience member as I marked up my grant proposal and texted back and forth with S4 about the logo I suddenly decided I did not have the talent to put together. (Spoiler: S4 totally has the talent.) Then a good full day in the office, replete with staff meetings, website updates, and editing newsletter articles. After that was my VERVE grant Master Class. The VERVE is what’s paying for this amazing project, as well as giving me a really amazing cohort of talented peers to work with and bounce ideas off of. Intermedia Arts is a phenomenal beast, loves. I’m learning so incredibly much.

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